Getting that burn again to make new music and videos. Almost time to switch hats.
#irap #nune44 #nunevizion #shouldntbelocal #imfamousempire


I was going through some pictures and ran across this one. She was 9 months and I was 17. I had a full head of hair and the DOPEST line-up…sigh. #tbt #babysis #highschooldays #siblings #timeflies


A raggedy old ear plug is my faithful bookmark. Back in my accelerated reader days, I had the FLYEST of bookmarks. Glow in the dark and mamadas of the sort. Finally getting back to World War Z, and getting paid to do so…nice. #worldwarz #iknowthereisamovie #iread #zombies #bangbang


Doing what I love to do, make videos, while having to work.

People always ask me how I manage to take pics and video while I’m working.

I’ve had many years experience filming #nunevizion lol. #boilermaker #removingahead #impact #dayintheoffice #constructiontour (at Bloomington TX)


Heard that an apple a day keeps the doctors away. So here is to the end if the week, and the 80 hours it came with. #cheers #goodshit #beer #longweek #constructiontour #fitfam (at Bloomington TX)


I tweeted this yesterday, and it happened again today, as it always does.

I always say I’m going to call my mom for a quick “5 min” call when I get out of work. It always turns into a conversation about everything that happened in her day and how she feels about it. Haha. Love her to death. Don’t mind my Emma Watson lock screen pic…lawd. #mommasboy #phonecall #emmawatson #work #thatstarethough (at Highway 185)


Last time I was this close to a duck, I had soy sauce right next to me. At least I think these are ducks. The hawks were looking for a meal. But I think me being there ruined it. #wildlife #fly #predator #prey #quackquack (at Gulf of Mexico — Almost)


A little Time Crisis never hurt anyone. Unless you’re the guys I’m shooting at…those putos are hurting. Shooting videos and bad guys all at once. #timecrisis #favoritegame #bangbang #glock #getsome (at Cinemark Theater)


First Day...again

The first day of school was always exciting and new.  You always had an idea of how you wanted it to play out, how you thought it would play out and what you definitely did NOT want it to go.

The line of work that I’m in has me having those days often.  It’s different towns…different people…different work settings…just different, every time.

Today was that day.

Adjusting to those things never gets easier, at least not for me.  Being away from friends, family, society and all things that comfort you is no easy task.  Doing it intentionally is even less of a cookie. 

With all the technology available, it almost makes it harder now to be away, because you know exactly what everyone is doing while you’re away, and what you could be doing as well.

Time keeps going.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Every cliche you can think of. 

I use to LOVE the first days and HATE the last.  Now I hate the first day and look forward to the last…being a grown up sucks.

Some people chase something so elusive their whole life thinking they’re doing everything right to get there.  Maybe you just need to stop chasing, and let it find you.

Maybe I need to take my own advice, but for now…WORK.


Back on my grown man. No one believes I rap when I tell them until they download my app. Forcing greatness in the masses. Just search “Nune” where you download your apps from. #irap #nune44 #constructiontour #freeapp #itunes #googleplay (at Gulf of Mexico — Almost)